Robert Coover: Going for a Beer
There is a young woman sitting not far from him who is not exactly good-looking but good-looking enough, and probably good in bed, as indeed she is.

George Saunders: Escape From Spiderhead
What happened next was, Heather soon looked super-good. And I could tell she thought the same of me. It came on so sudden we were like laughing. How could we not have seen it, how cute the other one was?

Allegra Goodman: “La Vita Nuova”
Short story about a woman inCambridge,Massachusetts, who takes a job babysitting a boy named Nathaniel after her fiancé leaves her…

Kevin Barry: Fjord of Killary
Short story about a poet who buys a hotel on the Killary Fjordin the west ofIreland…

Junot Díaz: “The Pura Principle”
Short story about a teen-ager’s relationship with his brother who has leukemia…

Midnight in Dostoevsky
Short story about two college friends who obsessively speculate about a stranger they see in town…

Premium Harmony
Short story about a fight between a husband and wife while they are driving to a convenience store…

Prelude by Katri Skala / Fiction / Untitled Books
When Elisa found herself waiting for a self-declared anarchist called Mike in a fashionable restaurant downtown, she unexpectedly found herself thinking about politics. She had abstained from voting in …

Good Neighbors
Short story about animosities and relationships among families living on a gentrifying street inSt. Paul,Minnesota. Walter and Patty Berglund were the original resettlers of Ramsey Hill—the first college grads to buy a house on barrier Street.

Procedure in Plain Air
Short story about a man who, while drinking coffee outside a café, witnesses a prisoner being lowered into a hole in a New York City street…

Complicity : The New Yorker
Short story about a divorced lawyer who meets and courts a female doctor…

The Five Wounds
Short story about a man who plays Jesus in a passion play and his relationship with his pregnant teen-age daughter…

At the Train Bridge
At the TrainBridgePublished by The Kibbitzer at 11:43 am under View from Bottom By Calvin Trillin…

Álvaro Rousselot’s Journey
Short story about an Argentine writer named Álvaro Rousselot. Álvaro Rousselot loved literature as much as any Argentine writer of his generation. In 1950, he published his first novel, “Solitude.”

Людмила Петрушевская / Свой круг

Виктор Пелевин / Музыка со столба

Хулио Кортасар / Южное шоссе


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